To Cat Law Firm is one of the best/reliable/reputable Law Firms in Hanoi City, Vietnam. With a team of experienced lawyers and legal experts accompany with a deep understanding of Vietnam’s legal regulations, political, economic and social situation, we ensure to provide our clients diverse, timely legal services and always consider customer satisfaction as the service goal.

Beside of our Vietnamese clients, we understand that there are still many obtacles and difficulties in accessing legal services for our foreign clients whoare living and/or working in Vietnam and/or have arisen civil, economic, commercial relations, etc with Vietnamese people and/or with Vietnamese enterprises.These difficulties are related to the issue of language differences, legal system and/or legal procedures of Vietnam. With that thoughtfulunderstanding, we provide our foreign clients the following legal services:

  • Commercial business activities in Vietnam, legal entity opening, investment registration, commercial contracts, labor contracts, licenses for professional activities, and business activities.
  • Professional corporate legal services such as consulting on drafting contracts, representatives to negotiate and sign cooperation contracts, documents related to business activities, legal procedures, merge and acquisition activities etc.
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments/decisions of foreign courts or arbitration in Vietnam.
  • Issues related to accommodation: rental agreement, residency documents。
  • Services on procedures for marriage, divorce, and adoption.
  • Service of defense lawyers, protection for the accused, defendants or victims, civil plaintiffs, and civil defendants in criminal, civil, real estate, marriage, and family cases. Support drafting and/or reviewing related documents accordingly.
  • Other legal-related activities in Vietnam.

For each case that To Cat law firm receives from our clients, we ensure that our lawyers and legal professionals always work conscientiously and professionally with the highest sense of ethics of the law practitioner to save time and cost for customers.





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